Fotos Imagenes : Telenovela Teresa 2010 : Angelique Boyer y Sebastian Rulli en la Playa

Fotos / imagenes de Sebastian Rulli y Angelique Boyer disfrutando de la playa en la telenovela Teresa 2010. No se parecen a unos escenas de Rubi y Hector en la telenovela Rubi?

Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli show off their greats bods while shooting some beach scenes fo the telenovela Teresa.
Angelique Boyer plays the temptress Teresa, the protagonist who will willing to do anything to achieve her goals.
This includes wearing a sexy bikini to capture the heart of her hunky professor..
 Sebastian Rulli plays the professor who easily falls for the cunning Teresa.
With the captivating charm of Teresa, who cannot resist her?
 Catch Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli engage in the game of seduction, together with co-stars Aaron Diaz and Ana Brenda in the Telenovela Teresa 2010.

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