ABS-CBN Frijolito Synopsis Cast Photos

ABS-CBN Frijolito

Telemundo’s Amarte Asi
Looking For Dad / Frijolito

Cast/ Elenco
Litzy …Margarita Lizárraga
Mauricio Ochmann …Nacho = Ignacio Reyes
Marita Ballesteros …Lucrecia Gonzalez
Carla Peterson …Chantal
Alejandro Felipe Flores …Frijolito = Ignacio Lizárraga
Roberto Mateos …Francisco Reyes
Jorge Suárez …David
Édgar Vivar …Don Pedro
Liliana Rodriguez …Anunciación Reyes
Leonardo Suárez …Toño
Isamar González …Daniela Reyes
Mariana Beyer …Dulce Reyes
Irene Almus …Adela
Diego Olivera …Gregorio Balbuena
Enoc Leaño …Juan Tenorio
Sergio Ochoa …Vicente
Christina Mason …Rosita
Mercedes Scapola …Olga
Maxi Ghione …Lucho
Vanesa Robbiano …Carmen
Pietro Gian …Salvador
Aldo Pastur …Morales
Guido Massri …Temo
Mauricio Rodriguez …. Patocho
Tina Romero …. Evangelina
Gina Morett
Jorge Schubert

Photo Gallery


This is the story of Margarita and Ignacio, a young mariachi singer and a young doctor. She is a simple and confident young woman, and he is a recent graduate of medical school who has just returned to his hometown to take up his profession. Ignacio doesn’t remember that night in his past that forever changed Margarita’s life. Though forgotten by Ignacio, the night in question had an important consequence: a son. Margarita works as a singer with a mariachi trio that performs in a modest restaurant. For Margarita, love has been reduced to the lyrics of the songs she sings, nothing more. Since the tragic night that changed her life, she has grown bitter, recalling how she was drugged and raped. Despite knowing the name of the culprit she was not able to retaliate or seek justice, though she doesn’t know that in reality Ignacio is innocent of the deceit that facilitated that dreadful night of passion. The boy, Frijolito, is now 6 years old and has befriended a very special man: Ignacio. Neither one of them know that they are father and son, though from the beginning, the boy makes Ignacio his role model and wishes that he were his son. Margarita is extremely upset to see that her son is becoming attached to the one man she hates, the man she blames for all of her misfortunes. Destiny forces Margarita to seek full time employment, and she ends up working as a nanny for none other than Ignacio’s family. Ignacio’s widowed brother, whose two daughters Margarita now looks after, feels very attracted towards the new nanny. This infatuation will soon turn to love, an unfortunate turn of events for Ignacio, who, in turn will fall victim to the web woven by Chantal and her plans to make him her husband. Chantal and his mother, Lucrecia, will be the worst enemies that Margarita could have ever imagined. Frijolito’s world develops among all these newfound emotions. He is a good kid who only wants to help his mother, though he wishes he had a father. Denied in real life the father he needs so much, every night Frijolito dreams of his dad. Ignacio will stand at the altar next to Chantal, though God alone knows how he will leave the church. For her part, Margarita will accept Francisco’s marriage proposal, in order to give her son the stability he desperately needs. Once again destiny has handed out the cards to all those involved in this story and each will now have to play the hand they were dealt.


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