Boda Civil de Allisson Lozz y Elliu Gonzalez en Chihuahua

Allisson Lozz se caso con Eliu Gutierrez

Actress-singer Allission Lozz is rumored to have tied the knot with her boyfriend Eliu Gutieerz Holguin this weekend.

According to El Heraldo de Chihuahua, a local paper, the 18-year-old singer actress and her 22-year old boyfriend of few months had their boda civil in Chihuahua.

This came as a surprise to everybody because Allisson is still very young and because she and her family are known for being followers of the Jehova’s Witness, a religion which imposes a strict and conservative moral code. In fact, the actress-singer had distanced herself from making telenovelas because acting goes against the moral code of the Jehova’s Witness.

According to the Chihuahuan paper, Allisson Lozz and Eliu Gutierrez (who also professes the same faith as the actressof  En Nombre del Amor y Al Diablo con los Guapos) wed with the blessing of both of their parents.

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  1. liinda thu bb eztha zuper mega hermoza obvii ze theniia ke parecer a thii porke thu zthaz zuper hermoza kuida muxootheee a thu bebiizzz okii bezoz miil zaludoz para thii ii thu ezpozo biie biie tk Allison lozz

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