Mario Cimarro causes trouble while shooting Los Herederos del Monte

With only a few days of shooting, Mario Cimarro has been again causing conflict with the cast and crew of Los Herederos del Monte. This is according to the online site of Tvynovelas. According to the said site the Cuban actor already been in arguments with  the cast, one of which almost ended in fist blows. 

According to an unidentified source, a few days ago, the telenovela superstar refused to receive a slap on his face from his co-protagonist Marlene Favela. Cimarro argued that the slap would weaken his character.Of course, the producers attempted to convince the actor to shoot the scene, because it was an important part of the story, but the Cuban actor remained haughy and continued to record the scene sans the controversial slap. This behavior of the actor raised negative comments from the rest of the cast who saw his actuation as being unprofessional.

As if this were not enough, the actor also had a heated discussion with an actor playing a lawyer in the telenovela. Although the reason for the confrontation was not divulged, it was revealed that Mario Cimarro was seen screaming and almost assaulting the actor. Fortunately, the production people were able to break the actors apart. Thereafter, Mario was seen storming out of the place, slamming the door as he left and also uttering profanity. He later returned to the set calm and resumed recording the scene.

This is not the first time Cimarro had problems with his peers.

In Gata Salvaje, he was said to have spanked Marlene Favela so hard that imprints were left on her bottom.

In El Cuerpo del Deseo, he was accused of throwing a plate at the head of Anna Silvetti, in addition to screaming at Rosalinda Rodriguez and Lorena Rojas. In the same production, an extra also accused Mario of kickin the  extra in his testicles.

Meanwhile, while taping La Traicion, he was allegedly involved in a shooting accident after he became annoyed at the workers living in his building who were making noise. 

This caused him to be fired from Telemundo, the company with who he had a lucrative exclusive contract. As a result, for a time, he was not receiving income causing him to eventually declaring bankruptcy and losing his house in Miami. 

But trouble did not end for the Cuban actor. Scandal broke out in the set of his recent telenovela Mar de Amor after he ad several incidents with his co-star Ninel Conde. The Mexican actress accused him of physical abuse and being rude. While the Televisa production was nearing the end of shooting, Mario Cimarro was again fired for being undisciplined and unprofessional . Mario Cimarro allegedly  failed to appear at at the location causing many important scenes not to be recorded.

And although it closed its doors to star in a new telenovela from Televisa, Telemundo decided to give him a second chance on ‘The heirs of Monte’, where with just days of starting the recordings, and nobody in the cast is what endures.

Despite his history with Telemundo, the same network gave him another chance. However, in this early stage of production, he is again having problems with his peers. Mario Cimarro, has apparently, never learned from his errors, Tvynovelas concludes.

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