William Levy, cause of Maite Perroni and Carlos de la Mota break up, says Camejo; Maite now dating Mane de la Parra?

The photo which sparked the Maite Perroni and Mane de la Parra romance rumors  

Maite Perroni , protagonist of El Triunfo del Amor, is on the list of Mexico’s most eligible bachelorettes.As such, romance rumors are quick to brew with her on the dating scene again.

One of these is that Maite is now dating Mane de la Parra. The star of El Triunfo del Amor was recently seen with the said Mexican actor, as captured in a photograph show above. The picture caused much chatter among the chismosos .According to rumors, Mane de la Parra is trying to win the heart of the ex-RBD member. This rumor was however denied by the Mexican singer-actress.

Due to public demand, Maite Perroni and William Levy are to be paired again
in the much anticipated telenovela EL Triunfo del Amor.

Meanwhile, actor Julio Camejo claims that William Levy is the reason of the Maite Perroni and Carlos de la Mota break-up. According to Camejo, the Dominican ex-novio of Maite was not too happy with the fact that Maite will be paired again with William Levy in her new telenovela.

As in gossip number 1, this was quickly denied by Maite saying:  “That’s a lie, I am very sad that people speak so freely about the lives of others when they have absolutely no idea about it.”

Maite Perroni and Carlos de la Mota had a short-lived  relationship. Everybody was surprised when Maite proudly shared the news in July that she and Carlos de la Mota are together as a couple. But, sadly, the relationship ended as quickly as it started. Barely a month after the big announcement, the relationship was over.
Maite Perroni said that intead of paying attention to rumors, tshe’d rather concentrate with her new challenge: her new role in El Triunfo del Amor. This is what matters to her and how she can make her fans happy. 
Catch Maite Perroni and her eternal pareja William Levy in El Triunfo del Amor

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