Maite Perroni not scared to be romantically linked with William Levy

Telenovela princess Maite Perroni has just begun shooting scenes for her newest telenovela El Triunfo de Amor where she will be paired again with William Levy, her onscreen partner in her launching telenovela Cuidado con el Angel

“I hope the public likes it. I’m very happy with the story, with the cast, and with my new character,” Maite said in an interview.

She adds that she not scared that romance rumors between her and co-star William Levy may resurface, now that she’s working with William again.”Rumors of this sort are nothing new. It has been a part of making telenovelas. People always love gossips of co-stars falling in love with each other. I’m just gonig to work, as what I have always done. What is important to me is that the public loves our new telenovela.” 

Working with Maite Perroni and William Levy in El Triunfo del Amor are Victoria Ruffo, Osvaldo Rios, Eduardo Santamarina, Daniela Romo, among others.  

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